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Date: 28th October 2016
Glass Solvent Filtration Appratus
FilterBio Glass Solvent Filtration Apparatus?Vacuum filter holders are used for filtration of mobile phase of HPLC, particulate and microbiological contamination. They are the basic instruments in the chemistry lab. Borosilicate glass or type 316L stainless steel parts are endurable many kinds of aqueous, organic or corrosive liquids for analysis. Also can be autoclavable at 121?(250?) for sterilization.Name Type Components Filter size Prefilter size Grad. volumeAll glass vacuum filter holderFB-G-01graduated glass funnel, fritted glass base with side arm, joint flask, anodized aluminum clamp, vacuum hose50mm/47mm300ml/ ? 1LFB-G-02500ml/ ? 2LCylinder stylefiltration assemblesFB-C-4cylinder style funnel, fritted glass base, stainless steel clamp, 11#silicone stopper, joint flask with side arm25mm40mlGlass filter holderFB-G-50graduated glass funnel, fritted glass base, anodized aluminum clamp, silicone stopper50mm/47mm300mlCylinder style glass filter holderFB-C-40cylinder style funnel, fritted glass base, stainless steel clamp, 9#or 11#silicone stopper.25mm40mlStainless steel filter holderFB-S-30graduated stainless steel funnel, fritted stainless steel base, anodized aluminum clamp50mm/47mm300mlFB-S-50500ml